Who we are

Founded in 2007, EWL Group for more than 8 years is recruiting for you only the top-notch specialists from Eastern markets.

Thanks to confidence we placed in the recruited employees, we have earned trust of our Clients, thus becoming one of the first professional foreign job placement agencies in Poland, providing services in the area of recruitment, employment and complex employment service of workers from the Eastern Europe and Asia. Currently we deliver staffing solutions for most of the industries of Polish economy, including formalities related to staff support and legalization of stay (work permits, residence permits).

Adjustments of the Polish law made over the last few years resulted in the increasing interest in the employment of foreign workers, providing us with legal tools needed for a smooth conduct of the entire recruitment process, equal to the employment of workers from the local labour market. Years of experience and resident representation in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe and Asia are the best guarantee of providing you with efficient staff solutions based on skilled employees.


EWL Group can be distinguished on the Polish market by its unique approach to a matter of foreigners recruitment, so far characteristic for the largest job placement agencies. In order to boost our management effectiveness furthermore we have launched a unique, fully customized CRM system, we have also implemented project management methods and information solutions. Our company has received a job placement agency licence No. 7509, essential for conduct of recruitment projects - both of local and international range. But above all, our most important asset are still people - thanks to them our company is able to conduct even the most advanced recruitment projects.

We thank you for your support and trust!

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