From kitchen assistant to a chef of japanese restaurant – foreigners are an essential element of human resources for any HoReCa company, strenghtening the offer of restaurants, bars and hotels. The increasing demand for foreign workers and less restrictive labor law caused a big boost in the numbers of newcomers in hotel business and gastronomy.

East West Link's offer is designed for all kinds of HoReCa industy – hotels, guest houses, restaurants, pubs and so on, as well as beauty salons and SPA.


We offer you workers for certain positions:

  • Waiter
  • Cook and Chef
  • Kitchen assistant
  • Masseur (Thai massage)
  • Cleaning staff
  • Technical support

We make a rigorous selection and carefully check work experience and education of our candidates. It is important that each person should pass certain proficiency tests.

Using our services Your Company will gain:


  • Complex personnel service, on each stage of the recruitment process - we cover all the formalities, so that hiring the foreigner is easier than hiring your countryman.
  • Flexible services, tailored to you - recruitment solutions, staff leasing, outsourcing, consulting - our offer is created on the basis of your expectations. Our representatives take notice in order to deliver you an offer designed for your sector and enterprise type.
  • Skilled workers, selected for the position - we recruit people for certain positions, even for those, which lack a qualified personnel on a local market
  • Secure placements with free replacements - we make sure that the whole employment process is legitimate; we guarantee a free checking of employee qualifications, and free replacements in case of non-compliance!
  • Supervising the recruitment process - we keep you up-to-date about the progress, at each stage of the process.
  • Financial savings due to attractive rates - flexible forms of employment and high efficiency of our recruitment methods guarantee a stable level of employment and low employee rotation.
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