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Although Germany passed a law in June aimed to facilitate labour migration and thus fill some of the country’s nearly 800,000 job vacancies, little did it improve Ukrainians’ chances at filling those gaps, despite their declared will to cross Poland’s western border. And the percentage of Ukrainians living and working in Poland willing to work in another European state amounts to 45, according to a report by EWL employment agency and the Centre for East European Studies’ (SEW UW) on...

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New German law won’t draw off Ukrainian labour from Poland: report

Sixty percent of Ukrainians with experience working abroad would opt for Poland as their destination for work, a new report has found. Germany came second in the ranking, named by 17 percent of Ukrainian respondents surveyed by the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. (...)  Andrzej Korkus, chief of the EWL Group recruitment agency, said, “The Polish labour market continues to have a number of advantages over Western markets.” According to Korkus, these include opportunities to work overtime to earn more and...

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Radio Poland: Ukrainians prefer to work in Poland: report

Michał Wierzchowski, sales director of the employment agency EWL, noted that “despite the announcement of simplification of procedures for Ukrainians, nothing changes. We are standing still, while other countries are beginning to open up for them.” Representatives of different recruitment agencies believe that simplified employment procedures, which currently allow Ukrainians to be employed in Poland for six months, must be extended to a year. The Polish Ministry of the Labour, Family and Social Policy has announced plans to do so,...

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Poland faces increasing competition for Ukrainian workers

The Polish government is considering changes to the law on migrants and streamlining associated employment procedures.  "I would recommend increasing the number of staff in the offices catering to foreigners. It would be the best investment, since every work permit granted supplies our market with a good labourer,” says Andrzej Korkus, owner of a recruitment agency for foreigners seeking employment in Poland. Source:  Polish Radio...

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Poland preparing new migration policy

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