International calls

Partner of EWL Agency, Klucz Telekomunikacja Sp. z o.o. is the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) (trading under the Klucz Mobile brand name) established in Poland and designed specifically to serve immigrant communities as well as business commuters, international students, and tourists from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other CIS countries, Asia Pacific and EU. Klucz Mobile SIM card appeared as a result of cooperation between mobile operators Klucz Telekomunikacja Sp. z o.o. and one of the largest and oldest mobile operators in Poland Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. (TM PLUS).


Klucz Mobile are committed to providing its customers with the best Quality of Service whilst calling internationally at affordable and competitive rates. Additionally, Klucz Mobile data packages - Internet Modest (9Zl/100MB), Internet Middle (15Zl/600MB) and Internet Big (25Zl/1.2GB), - will allow our customers to enjoy fast and reliable 2G and 3G internet depending on the device type. Klucz Mobile's social responsibility is to assist the immigrants from Ukraine and other CIS countries to integrate with local demographic through providing the clients with the free of charge informational service covering such topics as employment, registration, finding accommodation, etc in Poland.

Ukraine Landline
0.35 PLN / min
0.62 PLN / SMS
Ukraine Mobile
0.50 PLN / min
0.62 PLN / SMS
Klucz2Klucz Calls (incl. Video Calls) (*)
0.00 PLN
Klucz2Klucz Calls (incl. Video Calls) (outside package)
0.19 PLN
Calls to all other mobile networks (incl. Video Calls)
0.19 PLN
Outgoing SMS - Poland Klucz2Klucz
0.00 PLN
MMS - Poland
0.50 PLN
Outgoing SMS - Poland to all other mobile networks
0.19 PLN
International MMS
2.46 PLN
Outgoing SMS - Poland to international network
0.62 PLN


* Free minutes allowance related with the Top-Up value

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