Recruitment solutions

The dynamic development of Polish economy has resulted in the rise of the demand for qualified workers from non-EU countries.

Our responsibility is to find and deliver you experienced and qualified workers who will fulfil your requirements. We also commit to conduct all legal and formal issues connected with employing new staff in your company.

EastWestLink provides services in recruitment of non-EU workers to work in the following branches:

  • housing and industrial construction (carpenters, steel fixers, bricklayers, decorators, physical workers and others)
  • construction industry (bridge, road, railway construction, recruitment of workgroups up to 300 members)
  • production (welders, electricians, locksmiths, fitters, others)
  • farming (fruiters, drivers, physical workers)
  • light industry (seamstresses)
  • drivers (truck drivers, bus drivers, cab drivers and others)
  • gastronomy (cooks, waiters, dishwashers and others)
  • education (language teachers)
  • pharmacy
  • other branches on request


On request EastWestLink:

► negotiates social and wage conditions
► organizes the transportation of new employees and introduces them to your company
► organizes the visitation of your representatives in countries of your desire to verify the process of recruitment
► conduct all legal and formal issues in the case of planned prolongation of worker’s contract above 3 moths

We treat every recruitment as a unique challenge and therefore we try to deeply identify your needs and work out a strategy of recruitment that will suit your company the best!

In cooperation with:

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