The vast majority of foreigners working in Poland (85%) prefer to stay in our country for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, mainly due to their earnings and possibility of work (55%). This is evidenced by the results of the sociological study 'A foreign employee in the pandemic' conducted by EWL S.A. and the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw. The study showed that foreign employees in Poland were negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic. More...

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“A foreign employee in the pandemic”. A report by EWL

Thirty-three percent of Ukrainians working in Poland want to settle down in this country, up from 22 percent a year ago, a survey by the EWL recruitment firm showed. Every fifth respondent declared that they want to stay in Poland for several years. According to EWL, the increase in minimum hourly pay is for 58.1 percent of the respondents the most desirable move of the Polish authorities as this would improve working conditions of Ukrainian citizens in Poland. Easier employment...

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“Ukrainians on the Polish labour market: experiences, challenges and perspectives”. A report by EWL

Forty-five percent of Ukrainians working in Poland are considering the possibility of taking a job in another EU country, most often in Germany, according to a survey by the EWL recruitment firm. Despite Poland being one of the most popular labour destinations for Ukrainians, one in eight respondents plans to leave Poland and seek a job in another EU country this year, the EWL wrote in a commentary.  "Every fifth Ukrainian citizen working in Poland intends to take such a...

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A report of EWL “An employee from Ukraine: between Poland and Germany” [PDF]

Sixty percent of Ukrainians with experience working abroad would opt for Poland as their destination for work, a new report has found. Germany came second in the ranking, named by 17 percent of Ukrainian respondents surveyed by the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. (...)  Andrzej Korkus, chief of the EWL Group recruitment agency, said, “The Polish labour market continues to have a number of advantages over Western markets.” According to Korkus, these include opportunities to work overtime to earn more and...

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Radio Poland: Ukrainians prefer to work in Poland: report

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